Supporting Hackergal 2017

We are embarking on a National Campaign to expand our outreach of Hackergals across the Country! We’re excited to announce our various programs and events, which include:

  • Classroom learning through our in class Hackathon Program
  • Hackergal Summer Camp Program
  • National Hackergal Day
  • Hackergal Star Program – This program identifies the success of young female leaders in coding within the education system across the country!
  • Hackergal Community – Supporting community outreach initiatives, connecting young girls across the country with various events and online activities.

Our goal is to raise $3 Million over the next three years to support our mission and programs, increasing the level of interest in coding and programming with young Canadian girls.

Corporate Partnerships

We turn to the Corporate Community in Canada to partner with Hackegal.  The links below outline giving levels and Hackergal’s Fundraising Priorities Projects.

Hackergal Corporate Partners

Hackergal Campaign

Hackergal Hackathon Day

To make a corporate contribution, please contact: Matoula Mitropoulos –

Individual Giving

We welcome individual donations, which will support the ongoing activities of Hackergal’s programs, materials and technology for girls participating in our programs.