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Support Hackergal 2019

We are embarking on a National Campaign to expand our outreach of Hackergals across the Country! We’re excited to announce our various programs and events, which include:

In-Class Hackathons

Our Hackathon Program provides teachers, with little to no experience, the tools and resources to host the hackathon in their own classroom. This offers unique approach to learning for both teachers and students.

Hackergal Network Program

Hackergal provides an exclusive Network for girls and educators who are interested in furthering their passion for code and computer science. Hackergal’s network will work in partnership with local universities to engage our educators and girls by providing on-going symposiums, workshops, networking opportunities and access to Community Partner programs that teach code.

National Hackergal Day

Our National Hackergal Day happens in conjunction to our in class hackathon program. Schools from all over the nation participate in our hackathon on a single day, driving a bigger movement to empower girls to the possibilities of code.

Hackergal Community

The Hackergal Community focuses on connecting our parents, teachers and Hackergals to a vast network of other like minded individuals in the education system across Canada. Our Community provides updates on announcements and events happening in participating cities.

Hackergal Star Program

The Hackergal Star Program identifies the success of our young female leaders as they take on coding within the education system across the country. Educators and teachers can submit their rising stars for a chance to be featured in our Community for their determination, enthusiasm and hard work.

Corporate Partnerships

We turn to the Corporate Community in Canada to partner with Hackegal. The links below outline giving levels and Hackergal’s Fundraising Priorities Projects.

Hackergal Corporate Partners

Our Corporate Sponsorship Presentation outlines various gifting and sponsorship levels. We’re looking for opportunities to partner with your organization!

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Hackergal Campaign

We’re excited to launch our 2018 National Campaign where we can take Hackergal coast to coast. Our Campaign outlines this year’s fundraising goals and priorities.

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Hackergal Hackathon Day

Hackergal Hackathon Day has proven to be a great success with the help and support of our educators and teachers. See how it works for yourself!

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To make a corporate contribution please contact us.

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