Hackergal’s 10th National Hackathon  –  June 4-11 2021


Thank you for encouraging your community to participate in Hackergal’s 10th National Hackathon Program! This toolkit provides all the resources you need to share this exciting week-long event with your community.

Program Description

The Hackergal Hackathon Program is a national movement of girls in grades 6-9 collectively changing the face of computer science and striving to close the gender gap in technology.

By learning to code through self-paced lessons and interactive projects, Hackergals across Canada are empowered to pave the way for a technology industry that is diverse and inclusive of underrepresented groups.

Hackergal’s Social Media


Promotional Video (English)

Promotional Video (French)

Digital Assets and Logos

Social Media Language

Feel free to modify the posts as much as you’d like to make your content more personal and relevant to you. It’s always a good idea to post text along with graphics, photos and/or videos to increase engagement.

Post Examples

We are so excited to be part of @thehackergals 10th National Hackathon on June 4th, 2021. A FREE week-long program for girls to learn coding and computer science from exceptional women in tech. https://bit.ly/3tY8BWF
Registration is open for @thehackergals 10th National Hackathon! Encourage a girl to get started in tech by joining this FREE week-long experience involving girls across Canada, coding with purpose! Sign up today! https://bit.ly/3tY8BWF
The @thehackergals Hackathon is about empowering the next generation of female developers and tech leaders! At [insert school/org name], we are so proud to join hundreds of schools across Canada as part of the #IMAHACKERGAL movement. https://bit.ly/3tY8BWF

Sample tweets that you can use during the event to let everyone know you are part of the Hackathon:

Feel free to use these sample posts but don’t forget to engage with us throughout the event while we’ll be tweeting live for a better chance to win big prizes!

In-Event Tweet Samples

We are so excited to join Hackergal’s 10th National Hackathon! Along with hundreds of @thehackergals from West to East Coast Canada the girls at [insert school/organization name] are learning to #code. Today is all about increasing girls' confidence and ability to tackle tech in a BIG way! #IMAHACKERGAL
Today @thehackergals is connecting girls across Canada to shape what the future can be and leveling the playing field for girls in STEM at their 10th National Hackathon happening this week! #IMAHACKERGAL
Spending our Friday with @thehackergals at their 10th National Hackathon Live Kick off event! #IMAHACKERGAL
Today we celebrate the innovation, creativity, and brilliance of thousand of girls across Canada bring to the table in #stem and beyond. #IMAHACKERGAL
Today is the big day! Hackergal’s 10th National Hackathon is happening across Canada as @thehackergals code together with purpose. Today we’re making a big push towards closing the gender gap in #STEM.

Other Engagement Ideas

  • Show us your coding set up during the hackathon!
  • Share your favourite quotes from our speakers and events!

Note: Tag @thehackergals #IMAHACKERGAL when posting to Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn and we’ll share the excitement from our channels!

For any questions please visit our Hackergal Hackathon page or email hello@hackergal.org.