Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s):

Your child’s school/organization is participating in Hackergal’s Hackathon Program and other related events and/or accessing and using Hackergal’s educational resources including, but not limited to, via the Hackergal Hub found at: https://hub.hackergal.org/ (“Hackergal Activities”).

Hackergal (“Hackergal”) is a charitable organization that introduces Canadian girls (“learners”) to coding and computer science. Hackergal aims to educate and inspire girls and close the gender gap in technology across the country. Hackergal is committed to protecting learners personal information and helping to positively shape the “digital footprint” that learners leave when they participate in activities online.

We are asking for your consent to allow your child to fully participate in the Hackergal Activities, as described below and as deemed appropriate by your child’s educators. Your consent is completely optional, but your child cannot participate in the Hackergal Activities without your consent. We ask that you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • Hackergal partners with schools, organizations, and other third parties to make the Hackergal Activities available to learners. You understand that Hackergal does not own or control any such third parties, and additional terms and conditions may be applicable.

  • Learners may provide feedback to Hackergal via surveys and by other means. All of the information that Hackergal collects will be kept confidential. Participation in surveys is voluntary and your child may withdraw from such surveys at any time.

  • Learners may develop creative works while participating in the Hackergal Activities. You grant to Hackergal the absolute right and permission to use, modify, enhance, update and expand on all such works and feedback. Hackergal may use the creative works and feedback, and any derivatives thereof, for any purpose, provided that Hackergal will anonymize such works and feedback so that your child cannot be identified.

  • Hackergal may track the progress of learners through the Hackergal Activities, and share these findings with third parties in accordance with the Hackergal Privacy Statement found at https://hackergal.org/hackergal-hub-privacy/, provided that Hackergal will aggregate and anonymize such data so that your child cannot be identified.

  • Unless you advise Hackergal in writing, this consent shall continue for the current calendar year and shall be renewed annually.