hackergal 10th Hackathon

Join girls across Canada for a week of computer programming, creative storytelling and fun! 

The Hackergal Hackathon is a nationwide event where girls* are challenged to code a visual story or interactive game connected to a surprise social impact mission. 

Hackathon week is an awesome way for girls to build their coding skills, work together and show what they can do. Plus, participants hear from amazing speakers, join in special activities, games and so much more. Over 26,000 girls across Canada have participated in past Hackathons – we can’t wait for you to join us, too!

Our next Hackathon will be held May 27-31, 2024

FAQ for Learners

Learners are the girls in our program! As a participant in the Hackergal Hackathon Program, you are considered a learner.


Am I eligible to participate?

Hackergal uses an inclusive definition of “girls” and “women” and welcome the participation of all learners who identify as girls. This includes trans girls because we recognize trans girls are girls. We also welcome the participation of gender-fluid, non-binary, and two-spirit learners. To be eligible for the Hackathon, participants must:

  • Identify as a girl as explained above
  • Live in Canada
  • Create a free account on Hackergal Hub & Lynx Coding Platform
  • Be in grades 6-9


Why is this Hackathon for girls only?

Research has shown that women only represent 23% of STEM workers, a number that has increased by only 2% in 30 years. Our programming takes a gender-specific approach, ensuring girls are always the main focus. We consider the prejudices that may impact girls’ experiences and create a supportive learning environment to build their confidence and resilience.


I would like to join the Hackathon. How and when do I register for the Hackathon?

Registration for the Hackathon is offered through Eventbrite. If you are a learner joining the Hackathon from home or without a school/organization, you can register by completing the registration form.

If you are a learner joining the Hackathon with an organization, like a school, your facilitator or teacher will register on behalf of every learner joining and she/her/they will send the event details and join links to you. Alternatively, you also have the option to register as a learner and attend the event.


Can I participate in the Hackergal Hackathon from home without a school or organization?

100%! The Hackergal Hackathon is inclusive of all learning environments. Whether you are a homeschool learner, part of a virtual school, joining from a local community center, or any other learning setting, you’re welcome to join our Hackergal community and sign up to the Hub! Learners can join the Hackergal Hackathon by signing up on Hackergal Hub. Once you have created an account, you will be part of the Hackergal at Home community and you can register for any upcoming Hackathons.


I am a homeschool student. Can I join the Hackergal Hackathon?

Yes! If you are a homeschool student, you can definitely sign up to join the Hackergal Hackathon on Hackergal Hub here. Once you have created an account, you will be part of the Hackergal at Home community and you can register for any upcoming Hackathons.


How do I prepare for the Hackergal Hackathon?

Before the Hackathon, girls are required to learn the basics of Lynx Coding Platform through the Launchpad lessons on Hackergal Hub! These lessons are designed to prepare girls for the Hackathon. Hackergal Hub, our learning portal, offers scaffolded lessons and video tutorials for the girls to practice on their own time or during coding clubs. During the Hackathon, you will apply your coding skills to a surprise theme!

FAQ for Facilitators

Facilitators are the amazing people who host our program in schools and organizations across Canada. This includes teachers, librarians, and parents, to name a few! If you’re interested in facilitating the Hackergal Hackathon at your organization, please complete the sign-up form on Hackergal Hub and we’ll reach out to book an onboarding call.


I am facilitating the Hackathon. How and when do I register for the Hackathon?

Registration for the Hackathon is offered through Eventbrite. If you are a facilitator running a Hackathon at your organization, you are encouraged to register on behalf of your group of learners by completing the registration form. This form will include a field to indicate the estimated number of learners attending and a confirmation email will be sent after with all the event details and join links.


What are the software requirements for Hackergal’s coding platform?

Hackergal’s Hackathon Program is fully digital! Hackergal Hub and Lynx Coding Platform are both web-based and available on any device connected to the internet (ie. Chromebooks, iPads, Tablets, any laptop or computer).


I’m a new facilitator. How do I start a Hackergal Hackathon club?

Newbies are always welcome! Here are a few steps we recommend to get started:

  1. Choose a Champion Facilitator (maybe yourself!) to lead the Hackergal coding club, including the club timeframe, onboarding call, facilitation, and Hackathon planning.
  2. Create an account on hub.hackergal.org for your organization and begin the onboarding process with Hackergal.
  3. Share the program within your school/organization and/or school board and invite other facilitators who are interested in learning more and offering support.
  4. Spread the word with your girls! Invite girls to a drop-in information session to promote the club and share details on the club timing, purpose, and upcoming Hackathon.

Start coding together! You can invite Hackergal to help kick off the club or anytime to help debug projects, discuss the gender gap in tech, or hype up the Hackathon. Request a live webinar here: https://hackergal.org/for-educators/#webinar.


How do I run the Hackergal Hackathon at my organization?

The Hackathon is hosted at hundreds of organizations and locations across Canada – we all code together on the same theme, at the same time, to create a powerful movement to close the gender gap in tech. This Facilitator Overview provides a helpful outline of how it works.

The Hackathon is an opportunity for you to plan a really exciting event – virtually or in-person – that truly spotlights all the hard work of your girls! It can be competitive or more focused on the fun of participation. The Hackathon is really what you make it – so make posters, order pizza, dress in purple, post on social media, and make the day a big splash! We’ll be sharing more tips and tricks through Hub announcements closer to the Hackathon as well.