Upcoming Live Virtual Events

Empowering Student Voice for Creative Coding: Educator Workshop

Wednesday, December 9, 2020
5:00-6:00PM EST

Engaging student voice is the secret ingredient when it comes to learning how to code. Encouraging learners to share their voice by coding about something that matters to them and reflecting on their coding journey, creates resilient and creative learners.

This educator workshop will explore how teachers can embed student voice into coding using Flipgrid and how to encourage learners to recognize and reflect on their progress!

Hackergal Day: There is Power in Diversity! #RISE2020

Saturday, December 12, 2020
1:00-3:00PM EST

Join the Hackergal team as we host an exciting virtual event that will bring together people with different identities, backgrounds, and experiences by honouring the strengths and unique perspectives of all individuals in a meaningful way that inspires innovation! This is the final celebration of Hackergal’s Fall Theme: There is Power in Diversity #RISE2020! Let’s RISE together. RISE stands for Reflect, Innovate, Share, and Encourage. It is a collective call to create a movement of people who will advocate for a more diverse and inclusive technology landscape.

Live Coding Webinars



Facilitator | Thursdays twice a month | 1hr

Getting started with Hackergal Hub’s Curriculum & Coding Platform
Learn how to create a free permanent Lynx account, and best practices for leading an in-person or virtual Hackergal coding club. We’ll take you through our Hackergal Hub and the Lynx text-based coding platform to learn more about the coding possibilities with code!


Facilitator + Learner | Beginner | Every Tuesday | 1hr

Interested in learning to code? This webinar is right for you. You’ll learn the basics of text-based coding in Lynx in a fun and interactive way. Throughout this 1-hour webinar, we’ll explore sample projects and we’ll teach you how to execute the basics commands to help get your coding skills up and started!


Facilitator + Learner | Intermediate | Every Wednesday | 1hr

Let’s have fun coding exciting features that will make your projects, stories and games interactive! Going beyond the basics, this webinar will show you how to program turtle movement, custom sounds/music, and buttons to give your users choice over what happens. Just like apps and websites, we’ll explore how exploring “onclick” can make your ideas come to life!


Facilitator + Learner | Advanced | 1/month Thursdays

Have you ever wondered how it’s possible to create and customize your own images for Lynx? In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use free web-based photo editing and search tools to take your own Clipart to the next level! By learning these tech skills, you’ll become more familiar with the tools and techniques used in interactive storytelling, game development and graphic design. What’s more – we’ll show you how custom images can be used in your projects for backgrounds, characters, animations, buttons and more!


Facilitateur + apprenante | Débutant | 1 h

Vous ne savez pas par où commencer avec le codage? Ce webinaire est fait pour vous! Apprenez les bases du codage textuel. Nous explorerons des exemples de projets et nous vous apprendrons à exécuter les commandes de base pour vous aider à entamer et développer vos compétences en codage!

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Invite Hackergal to host a workshop at your school or organization!

We offer customized workshops that can help organizations introduce coding to their learners. Our workshops are designed to be engaging and interactive while encouraging a powerful movement to close the gender gap!

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Notre équipe Hackergal aimerait vous rencontrer! Nous offrons des ateliers personnalisés qui peuvent aider les écoles à présenter le codage à leurs élèves. Nos ateliers sont conçus pour être intéressants et interactifs tout en encourageant un mouvement puissant pour réduire l’écart entre les genres!

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