We are so excited to welcome you to the Hackergal community!

Whether you are a learner, facilitator, or parent, we have something to support your coding journey.

What resources and activities are available?
Hackergal Hub, our free online platform, offers a supportive learning experience for learners and facilitators, providing the tools they need to learn how to code and explore career opportunities in technology. Hackergal Hub offers a variety of learning experiences, including coding curriculum, facilitator guides, interactive webinars, multimedia lessons, and much more, for girls to learn how to code at their own pace!


Benefits of our programs?
The Hackergal program provides girls with the opportunity to build the future-ready competencies they need to be successful in a technology-driven landscape. We know that learning to code and making a difference through technology goes beyond programming knowledge and skills. That’s why Hackergal’s Future Ready Competencies equip girls with confidence to persevere. Our program is built on the belief that all learners can thrive when they are given the opportunity to tell their story and share their voice in a safe and supportive community.


Why an all girls learning environment?
Girls and women continue to be systematically underrepresented in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Hackergal strives to increase the participation of girls and women in computer science and ultimately close the gender gap by introducing girls to STEM subjects early, and in an environment that considers their learning needs. By exposing girls to technology in supportive learning environments, Hackergal programs build their confidence and increase their curiosity and drive to learn.


Let’s show the world what is possible with code!

Hackergal Day webinar

Hackergal Hub

Hackergal Hub offers a supportive learning experience for learners and facilitators, providing the tools they need to learn how to code and be exposed to careers in technology!

Training and Webinars

Whether you’re a facilitator or a learner, our webinars can help you get started and progress your text-based coding skills in Lynx.

Hackergal Day webinar

Hackergal Day

Hackergal Day is an inspirational live event celebrating girls learning code! It is a powerful movement connecting the Hackergal community across Canada!


The impact that the Hackergal program has on students is tremendous. Two grade 8 students were so empowered by the code they were learning and the platform provided, they made an inspirational video to send to Hackergal. Hackergal further supported these students by providing a platform for student voice and recognition. I am grateful to Hackergal for continuously providing and looking for new ways to empower young students that sit before me. I am also grateful that they gave me the opportunity to become so comfortable with tech and coding.

—Samantha Conley, Educator


Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of introducing groups of girls to coding through the Hackergal experience with huge success. The program gives them a safe space to collaborate, develop friendships and learn valuable skills in a fun and engaging way.

—Gregory Burke, Educator


Prior to participating in Hackergal’s programming, my daughter would have never considered a future career in technology and business sectors, but she is doing so now. I think that it is invaluable for young people, particularly girls, to be exposed to a variety of career options when planning their future.

—Qian, Hackergal Parent