We’re so excited that you’re here. Let’s show the world what you can create with code!

Introducing Hackergal’s new online learning portal!

Hackergal Hub is a free online learning portal that equips girls with the tools to lead their own coding journeys!

With Hackergal’s support, learners and facilitators can progress their coding skills through multimedia self-paced lessons both in-person and remotely. Hackergal proudly offers 1:1 onboarding and training to set you up for success!

On the Hackergal Hub learners can:

Explore coding tutorials through interactive multimedia lessons

Join a community of like-minded girls coding together in Canada

Track and celebrate progress while completing coding levels

Sign up for Hackergal Hackathons and coding contests!

Access to helpful information on upcoming events & live webinars

Learn more about Canadian women in the technology sector!

hackergalhub gif Hackergal Hub