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Let’s close the gender gap in tech – for good.

Hackergal empowers educators to create equitable and engaging learning experiences for girls across Canada. We provide resources, teaching support, and learning opportunities so you can inspire girls to become leaders in technology.

Lesson Plans & Curriculum

Hackergal Hub is a free online learning portal which provides educational resources, curriculum, and skill-building projects. Hackergal Hub invites students to engage with technology and build their digital competencies, while educators discover new, exciting ways to bring coding into the classroom.

Bring coding education to life with Hackergal Hub!

Our curriculum uses an interdisciplinary, project-based approach that inspires girls to learn by doing – collaborating with others, making mistakes, solving bugs, and building their confidence. Step-by-step instructional videos guide students through each lesson, so no coding experience is needed to learn and teach. Plus, all lessons are mapped onto the existing provincial curriculum, so it’s easy to integrate into the classroom!

Book a Webinar

Invite expert coding educators to speak with YOUR students anywhere in Canada!

Our workshops and webinars are designed by teaching professionals to be engaging and interactive for girls, encouraging them to share their ideas and practice their learnings.

As an educational non-profit, we make webinars and workshops available at no cost to schools, homeschool classrooms, clubs, or other learning spaces in Canada. Simply press the “request” button and we’ll set up a workshop that works perfectly for your group.

We currently provide the following webinars and workshops:


Facilitator  | 1hr

Getting started with Hackergal Hub’s Curriculum & Coding Platform

Learn how to create a free permanent Lynx account, and best practices for leading an in-person or virtual Hackergal coding club. We’ll take you through our Hackergal Hub and the Lynx text-based coding platform to learn more about the coding possibilities with code!




Facilitator + Learner | Beginner  | 1hr

Interested in learning to code? This webinar is right for you. You’ll learn the basics of text-based coding in Lynx in a fun and interactive way. Throughout this 1-hour webinar, we’ll explore sample projects and we’ll teach you how to execute the basics commands to help get your coding skills up and started!


Facilitator + Learner | Intermediate  | 1hr

Let’s have fun coding exciting features that will make your projects, stories and games interactive! Going beyond the basics, this webinar will show you how to program turtle movement, custom sounds/music, and buttons to give your users choice over what happens. Just like apps and websites, we’ll explore how exploring “onclick” can make your ideas come to life!


Facilitator + Learner | Advanced

Have you ever wondered how it’s possible to create and customize your own images for Lynx? In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use free web-based photo editing and search tools to take your own Clipart to the next level! By learning these tech skills, you’ll become more familiar with the tools and techniques used in interactive storytelling, game development and graphic design. What’s more – we’ll show you how custom images can be used in your projects for backgrounds, characters, animations, buttons and more!




Facilitateur + apprenante | Débutant | 1 h

Vous ne savez pas par où commencer avec le codage? Ce webinaire est fait pour vous! Apprenez les bases du codage textuel. Nous explorerons des exemples de projets et nous vous apprendrons à exécuter les commandes de base pour vous aider à entamer et développer vos compétences en codage!


Pre-recorded webinars and special presentations are also available on the Hackergal YouTube Channel.

Become a Facilitator

facilitator For Educators

teachers, librarians, parents, and other educators are Hackergal facilitators. We invite you to join us!

Open doors for your students, access incredible professional development, and close the gender gap in tech!

Facilitators are amazing people who host our program in communities across Canada. When you become a facilitator, you’ll make an incredible difference for your community – helping girls discover the possibilities in code through life-changing programs like the Hackergal Hackathon, coding clubs, and Hackergal Hub.

Teaching and learning code is most successful with a collaborative approach. It is about building relationships with others and building confidence in ourselves. That’s why we provide tons of support and a huge network to our facilitators, helping you connect with like-minded educators across the country. Together, we can inspire girls to see the opportunities in coding (and have a ton of fun along the way!).

If you’re interested in facilitating the Hackergal Hackathon at your organization, please complete the sign-up form on Hackergal Hub and we’ll reach out to book an onboarding call. We got this!

“The impact that the Hackergal program has on students is tremendous. Two grade 8 students were so empowered by the code they were learning and the platform provided, they made an inspirational video to send to Hackergal. Hackergal further supported these students by providing a platform for student voice and recognition. I am grateful to Hackergal for continuously providing and looking for new ways to empower young students that sit before me. I am also grateful that they gave me the opportunity to become so comfortable with tech and coding.”


Samantha Conley, Educator

“Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of introducing groups of girls to coding through the Hackergal experience with huge success. The program gives them a safe space to collaborate, develop friendships and learn valuable skills in a fun and engaging way.”


Gregory Burke, Educator

“Prior to participating in Hackergal’s programming, my daughter would have never considered a future career in technology and business sectors, but she is doing so now. I think that it is invaluable for young people, particularly girls, to be exposed to a variety of career options when planning their future.”


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Qian, Hackergal Parent

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