What resources and activities are available through Hackergal’s Coding Programs?

Hackergal Hub, our free online platform, offers a supportive learning experience for learners and facilitators, providing the tools they need to learn how to code and explore career opportunities in technology. Hackergal Hub offers a variety of learning experiences, including coding curriculum, facilitator guides, interactive webinars, multimedia lessons, and much more, for girls to learn how to code at their own pace!


What is the Hackergal Hackathon?

A hackathon is an exciting event, typically lasting several hours, that brings computer programmers together to participate in a time-sensitive challenge. The Hackergal Hackathon captures this concept, inviting girls in grades 6-9 across Canada to code a visual story or interactive game connected to a social impact theme. By applying their learning and personal interests to the surprise theme, girls support and encourage each other, bringing their ideas and coding skills to the next level!


Why girls only?

Our mission is to change the face of computer science and pave the way for a technology industry that is diverse and inclusive of underrepresented groups across Canada. Research has shown that women only represent 23% of STEM workers, a number that has increased by only 2% in 30 years. Exposing girls to computer science in a supportive learning environment builds their confidence and increases their drive to pursue those academic subjects in their future. Hackergal takes a gender-specific approach to our programming. This means that our programs focus on girls, and consider the biases and influences that might impact their experience. Hackergal uses an inclusive definition of “girls” and “women”. We welcome the participation of everyone who identifies as girls including trans students, as well as genderqueer and non-binary students.


How do I register for the Hackergal Hackathon?

Hackergal is thrilled to be hosting live-streamed Hackergal Hackathons which are open to all learning environments. Our week-long virtual Hackathon creates the opportunity for all girls to be part of the Hackergal movement, supporting remote, in-school, and homeschooled girls. In order to register for upcoming Hackathons, all facilitators and learners are invited to sign up to Hackergal Hub at https://hub.hackergal.org! Once you’re on the Hub, you can register for upcoming Hackathons on the left toolbar.


How do the girls prepare for the Hackathon?

Before the Hackathon, girls are required to learn the basics of the Lynx Coding Platform through the Launchpad lessons on Hackergal Hub! These lessons are designed to prepare them for the Hackathon. We encourage girls from all learning environments (public and independent schools, organizations, virtual learning, homeschooled, etc.) to participate in our Hackathons and to apply their coding skills in a collaborative and supportive experience. Hackergal Hub, our learning portal, offers scaffolded lessons and video tutorials for the girls to practice on their own time.


When is the Hackergal Hackathon?

We host two Hackathons a year which take place virtually across Canada. Typically our Hackathons run in the Fall and Spring. When you sign up to Hackergal Hub, you will be updated on the specific dates and given the next steps on how to register, prepare, and if needed, designate a space for the Hackathon.


Beyond coding, what other skills will the girls learn?

The Hackergal Hackathon Program provides girls with the opportunity to be creative and learn from others in order to reach their goals. We know that learning to code and making a difference through technology goes beyond programming knowledge and skills. That’s why Hackergal’s Future Ready Competencies equip girls with the confidence to persevere. Our program is built on the belief that every learner can thrive when they are given the opportunity to tell their story and share their voice in a safe and supportive all-girls community.


What are the software requirements for Hackergal’s coding platform?

Our coding platform is web-based, so it is available on any device connected to the internet (ie. Chromebooks, iPads, Tablets, any laptop or computer). We recommend an external keyboard when using tablet devices.