2022-2023 Hackergal Annual Impact

Coding Together for the Planet


September 1

Sago Mini Workshop

Sago Mini Workshop
Hackergal partnered with Canadian gaming company Sago Mini to offer an engaging in-person summer camp focused on learning Unity coding language. The camp was limited to 14 girls from across the GTA who learned the basics of making their own game in Unity while being inspired by Sago Mini team members about their experience in Canada’s technology industry.
October 1

Hackergal Level 2 launched on Hackergal Hub!

Hackergal Level 2 launched on Hackergal Hub!
In October, Hackergal launched Hackergal Junior Programmer, an exciting new course which includes 9 lessons, 8 video tutorials and 15 new Lynx coding commands. The course empowers Facilitators and Learners to create a digital board game themed around Canadian innovation. As active game developers, learners build on their coding knowledge by incorporating interactivity into game mechanics and personalizing their game’s theme.
December 1

Hackergal Day

Hackergal Day
During Computer Science Education Week in December 2022, Hackergal’s community of over 400 learners and 30 facilitators came together and celebrated girls and young women breaking down gender barriers in technology through their own exploration of careers in STEAM.

Letter from the Executive Director

Rebecca Hazell Interim Executive DirectorAt Hackergal, we believe our learners are the leaders of tomorrow. This year’s theme, Coding Together for our Planet, invited girls and gender diverse learners across Canada to use their digital skills to innovate and inform on environmental issues. Their problem-solving on these topics was inspiring and hinted at their incredible potential as STEAM changemakers.

Alongside supporting 4000 learner training opportunities, the Hackergal Team was able to visit Coding Clubs in person for the first time since the pandemic. These visits enabled our staff to observe the effect of our programming on learners and the creative ways in which Facilitators bring computer science education to life. Over 250 Facilitators accessed the Hackergal Hub this year, expanding our reach to more classrooms, communities, and homes across the country. Our multi-year Ambassador Program also continues to grow in quality, offerings, and impact. Thanks to the generous support of RBCx, Hackergal launched its Scholarship Program which awarded $5000 to two Ambassadors entering post-secondary education this Fall.

Since our founding by Lucy Ho in 2015, Hackergal’s training opportunities have impacted 27,840 girls and gender diverse learners across Canada. We remain steadfast in our commitment to close the gender gap in Canadian tech, one learner at a time, through innovative and sustainable programming. I would like to thank our dedicated Board of Directors and our outstanding partners who empower us toward our goals. The leaders of tomorrow are in Hackergal Coding Clubs today, and we cannot wait to see the change they inspire.
signature Annual Impact 2022-2023

Image 8 Annual Impact 2022-2023

This coding challenge category inspired learners to develop projects that explored energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and the importance of empowering individuals and communities to make sustainable energy choices.

Winning Project Title: Women In Renewable Energy
Name(s) of Winners/Province: Mavie M. and Chimamanda D., Alberta

Image 9 Annual Impact 2022-2023

This Hackathon theme asked students to leverage their coding skills and passion for sustainability to develop practical ways to tackle pollution. From reducing emissions and improving waste management to promoting eco-conscious practices, projects envisioned a cleaner, healthier world.

Winning Project Title: Sauvons La Planète
Name(s) of Winners/Province: Sophie C., Stacy L., and Emma M., Ontario

Image 10 Annual Impact 2022-2023
logo Annual Impact 2022-2023

This theme focused on encouraging learners to develop creative and impactful solutions that address environmental challenges. The projects showcased the ingenuity and dedication of students in promoting sustainable living through technology. Their innovative coding solutions offered innovative and actionable ways for individuals and communities to adopt greener habits.

Winning Project Title: Living Sustainably through Binovate
Name(s) of Winners/Province: Gopiga S. G., Ontario

Learner Data


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of learners with increased confidence in coding/digital skills after programming

By the Numbers

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Learner Testimonials

“In general, the Hackathon has encouraged me to create a project. Be it with fellow girls or not, in one way or another, it was really enjoyable. It takes me out of my world to a place where I can code, learn new perspectives, and be confident about it. I enjoy the aspect of meeting other women in tech because their stories are interesting and motivating. The experience is why I love participating in the Hackathon in the first place.”

– Anidita G., Grade 9, Alberta

“It is so amazing how you can connect with so many girls and role models in STEAM fields across Canada and that is one of the reasons why I love the Hackathons! Before I attended a Hackathon my confidence in coding was not the best but I found that knowing that other girls like you are also coding the same project themes is such an amazing feeling. I also felt a part of a welcoming virtual community and the Hackergal Team is always willing to give you a helping hand if you need it.”

– Freya M., Grade 7, Ontario


Hackergal’s Scholarship Program reached a huge milestone in the awarding of two inaugural winners with $5,000 each to be used towards post-secondary education. Thanks to our phenomenal partner, RBCx, we were able to provide substantial financial support to two former Ambassadors who demonstrated exceptional academic achievement and dedicated involvement in their communities.
Logo 1 Annual Impact 2022-2023
Image 11 2 Annual Impact 2022-2023

Scholar: Aruthy Sriketharan

AruthyAruthy started her Hackergal journey in 2016 when her homeroom teacher encouraged her to join her school’s Coding Club. She had always been fascinated by computers and was intrigued by the prospect of creating websites and video games from scratch. Since then, Aruthy has been part of Hackergal’s Ambassador Program, where she was able to form a community Coding Club of her own and teach young girls to code using the Lynx coding platform. Through her post secondary studies she plans on becoming an Ophthalmic Biomedical Engineer and is dedicated to fostering STEAM education in her community.

Scholar: Lakshmi Muralidhar

LakshmiLakshmi’s journey with Hackergal started in 2018 when she was a Grade 8 student. A teacher at her school recruited her to join a diverse group of girls participating in their school’s first Hackergal Hackathon. She joined Hackergal’s Ambassador Program in her final two years of high school, where she ran a Coding Club, developed coding videos in French, and much more. She aspires to become a General Surgeon to be able to continue to have an impact on the STEAM field and serve as representation for younger girls. She is inspired by the opportunity to treat and support diverse groups of people and make small positive changes in different aspects of medicine.


Rebecca Hazell

Hackergal Learner Spotlight

Mara Liwayway David, Grade 12 Hackergal Ambassador, British Columbia

Mara’s passion for coding started when she joined Hackergal’s Hackathon in Grade 8. She credits Hackergal with allowing her to explore her interest in coding in a welcoming learning environment. After graduating from the Hackathon, Mara was determined to help reduce barriers in the computer science field by creating safe environments where people, especially minorities such as herself, could learn to code. With the support of the Hackergal team, she founded the first-ever coding club for girls at her local library. With Hackergal’s support, Mara has become a more confident public speaker as she has had the opportunity to speak during online meetings, create a voice-over French coding tutorial, and most notably, spoke at Hackergal’s National Hackathon event in 2023. Mara will be continuing her journey in STEAM by attending Simon Fraser University for Computing Science in Fall 2023.

Rebecca Hazell

Facilitator Spotlight

Angela Siegel, Sir Charles Tupper Elementary School, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Angela is the Assistant Dean in Academic Outreach for the Faculty of Computer Science at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After collaborating with Hackergal on Here We Code, she partnered with a local primary school, Sir Charles Tupper Elementary School, to start a coding club for local girls in Grade 5. While younger than the typical Hackergal Hackathon participants, they were keen to learn! Several rainbows appeared and many unicorns were seen galloping across the screens as the girls learned to manipulate images and code their projects using the Lynx platform. The coding club focused on planning and problem-solving and the girls learned that there is so much more to computer science than just coding! During the 12th Annual Hackathon Closing Party, Angela delivered a keynote speech on her experience as a woman working in STEAM in Canada.

Rebecca Hazell
Image 16 Annual Impact 2022-2023

Hackergal Community Organization Spotlight

Summer STEM It Up! Camp Collaboration: Hackergal and Jean Augustine Centre for Young Women’s Empowerment

Between July 10th and July 28th Hackergal supported the Jean Augustine Centre for Young Women’s Empowerment in delivering coding programming to girls aged 7 to 17 in Etobicoke, ON and Brampton, ON. Hackergal delivered training to camp counselors and attended on the first day of each camp to deliver a workshop on Coding and gender equity in STEAM . During these workshops, campers had the opportunity to discuss topics such as diversity and gender stereotypes in a safe and inclusive environment. During the Summer STEM Camp collaboration, Hackergal loaned the Jean Augustine Centre 14 chromebooks so that each camper would be able to work independently on their coding projects for the duration of the camp. For some campers, this was their first experience on a computer.

“I had very little experience using the LYNX coding platform and was absolutely terrified that I would be so lost while running this program. After doing the tutorial and then coding my About Me project I became much more confident. My personal highlight was sitting with a couple of my girls and being able to troubleshoot the problems they were having with their code. My confidence level with text based coding has skyrocketed because of this program.”

– Tamara Jones, Teacher, Earl of March Intermediate, Ontario

“The Jean Augustine Centre for Young Women’s Empowerment (JAC) is committed to building the self-esteem and self-worth of young women and girls by positively influencing their outlook on life, broadening their horizons, and helping them to empower themselves. Hackergal has played an integral role in offering coding-based programming for JAC’s girls and young women, ages 7-17 years. During our 2023 March Break and summer programs, Hackergal provided curriculum, staff training, and laptops to support JAC in delivering engaging coding workshops for close to 100 participants. In these workshops, our girls and young women had the opportunity to learn about coding while participating in fun and age-appropriate activities. Hackergal is a sound community partner of JAC, and we look forward to further developing our partnership to advocate and create opportunities for more girls and young women in the STEM field.”

– Emma Asiedu-Akrofi, Executive Director, Jean Augustine Centre for Young Women’s Empowerment


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Hackergal’s important work would not be possible without the support of our generous partners. Together, we are empowering girls with the education, community, and confidence to succeed in STEAM, closing Canada’s gender gap in technology.
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“CIBC takes immense pride in our partnership with Hackergal. Since 2017, we have worked together to inspire thousands of Canadian girls to code, create and become the technology leaders of tomorrow. At CIBC, we are dedicated to breaking barriers and bridging the digital divide that exists in Canada. Our commitment to increasing access to education and employment opportunities for underserved communities remains unwavering. Through our partnership with Hackergal, we are nurturing the next generation of innovative thinkers and problem solvers, equipping them with the skills and confidence to thrive in the digital world.”

– Jane Yuen, Head of Enterprise Channels at CIBC

Sponsors making a big change in our Community

Rebecca Hazell

Hackergal x Sago Mini Unity Coding Camp

Hackergal proudly partnered with Sago Mini, a popular Canadian digital and physical toy company, to deliver a 2 day, 10-hour in person workshop to teach the basics of making a video game using the coding language Unity. The workshop was held on Saturday, September 17th, 2022 and Sunday, September 18th, 2022 from 9:30-2:30pm at the Sago Mini Office in Toronto. 12 girls between grade 9-12 attended this workshop where they were introduced to Unity, learned about key game coding concepts, and created their own game. This workshop was full of excitement and learning. The girls networked with Sago Mini’s amazing team of developers and designers, toured the Sago Mini office, and shared meals together.

Rebecca Hazell

Hackathon featuring Audrina Zhou

Audrina Zhou, Bilingual AI/ML Specialist at Google Canada, welcomed participants at Hackergal’s 12th National Hackathon with a motivational message:

“One of the things that I love about working in tech is that it’s constantly evolving. There’s always something new to learn, and new skills to pick up. I’m also really excited about the intersection of tech and sustainability.

There are so many ways that technology can be used to help the environment. I encourage you all to keep practicing your programming skills throughout the Hackathon and to continue pursuing your studies in STEAM.

The world definitely needs more young engineers and scientists to help solve the greatest challenges in the field, and I look forward to seeing all the new technology that you will create in the years to come.”