National Ambassador Program


Hackergal Ambassadors are problem solvers, innovators, and changemakers, leading by example and advocating for greater diversity and inclusion in the tech industry across Canada.

Built by girls for girls, Hackergal’s Ambassador Program equips girls with the skills, tools, and confidence to pave the way for a better, brighter future.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Be a role model
  • Learn to code with a purpose and a passion
  • Collaborate with like-minded girls
  • Host a coding club and teach other girls to code
  • Be eligible for letters of reference
  • Meet industry experts and attend virtual events
  • Develop your Future-Ready Competencies
  • Count volunteer hours toward requirements in your province
  • Apply for our Scholarship Program (you must be a Hackergal Ambassador to be eligible.)

Year 1

Becoming a Role Model

Creating their coding club projects and launching their coding clubs

Year 2

Learning to Lead

Mentoring the first year ambassadors and creating career pathways project

Year 3

Discovering Career Paths through Mentorship

Shadowing a women in tech, learning how to network and exploring post-secondary journeys

Year 4

Leading as a young woman in STEAM

Building a portfolio and learning how to become a strong applicant in their post-secondary journeys



Submit Your Own Application

Stay tuned for next year’s application deadlines by clicking the link below.

Be Nominated by a Facilitator/Educator

Stay tuned for next year’s application deadlines by clicking the link below.


  • Identify as a Hackergal (A Hackergal is a girl or Two-Spirit/non-binary/gender diverse youth who is passionate about closing the gender gap in tech)
  • Age 14-18
  • Live in Canada
  • Commit to a minimum of 1 year of Programming
  • Passionate about closing the gender gap in tech!
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“The ambassador program not only gave me a chance to make change but also to make lifelong friendships. Through the program and the coding clubs we created, I was able to meet so many likeminded girls from all across Canada, and our passion for chance wasn’t the only thing we all had in common. Throughout my time as an ambassador, I’ve gotten to learn a tremendous amount of knowledge from all the other ambassadors and make some amazing friends as well, which has led to an amazing sense of community within the program” 


Samia H, Third Year Ambassador

“I feel empowered in many ways in my role as a Hackergal Ambassador. Most importantly, I feel empowered by being supported by the community of like-minded girls in the ambassador program, that allows me to feel like I belong in the tech industry. This empowers me to pursue computer science and STEM courses in the future.” 


Bhavani P,  Second Year Ambassador

“Within the Ambassador program, I feel as though I am wholly supported. I am quite introverted and this nature still rings through today, yet I feel comfortable in joining meetings and touchpoint groups. While I have not talked to all of my fellow Ambassadors, I know that they are all kind and open to conversation, which I truly appreciate. I see and hear how welcoming everyone is and how they are willing to offer feedback and guidance when others ask. I view us Ambassadors as sort of a family, in a way, within Hackergal!”


Riella C, First Year Ambassador