The Ambassador Program has advanced our coding and leadership skills!

June 8, 2023

We are Daniella and Bianca Almeida, twin sisters and second-year Ambassadors at Hackergal! 

Our journey with Hackergal began by attending Hackergal Day 2020. Inspired by Hackergal’s mission of getting girls involved in technology, we participated in Hackergal’s Code for Change Challenge, later presenting our project at the Hackathon Kick-Off Celebration. We joined the Hackergal Ambassador Program in 2021 and are proud to be ambassadors that lead by example and work towards breaking the gender gap in tech across Canada.

The Hackergal Ambassador Program has advanced our coding and leadership skills and helped foster a sense of community.

One of our most memorable Hackergal experiences was facilitating Coding Clubs as First-Year Ambassadors. We developed engaging lessons to share our Lynx coding knowledge with girls in our community. We answered their questions, preparing them to participate in Hackergal’s National Hackathon, which in turn, encouraged them to pursue their interest in technology. It was a rewarding experience, allowing us to incorporate our leadership skills and be role models. In our second year of the Ambassador Program, we mentored First-Year Ambassadors to host their Coding Clubs. It came full circle as we provided feedback and supported our mentees through their Coding Club journey!

As Second Year Ambassadors, we worked on the Career Pathways Project. This research project involved exploring potential educational and career pathways in STEAM. We reflected on personal areas of interest to determine career possibilities while identifying women role models who inspire us. Speaking of role models, we attended a Career Pathways Webinar where we were motivated by a woman in tech’s career journey. Once we completed our presentations, we presented our findings to the Hackergal team, which was a valuable experience.

The Ambassador Program has opened many doors for us. Towards the beginning of the program, we learned how to code with a purpose and passion in a Lynx Coding Bootcamp. Each of us had the opportunity to lead a session of 30+ learners at the Girls In Tech Conference (GITCon), a student-run conference to get young girls interested in tech. 

Through Women in Tech Carousel, an exclusive Ambassador event, we established professional connections within the tech industry.

The support and community we received as Ambassadors have made our experience memorable. Throughout the year, we collaborated with like-minded girls across Canada, working together when leading activities or facilitating our Coding Club. We developed meaningful connections and friendships that have lasted even after the program ended. 

Joining Hackergal’s Ambassador Program is how you can make a difference, be a role model in your community, and build a future where the tech industry is diverse and inclusive across Canada.

Bianca Daniella Hackergal Hoodies The Ambassador Program has advanced our coding and leadership skills!

*Hackergal is committed to diversity and inclusion. We use an inclusive definition of “girls” and “women” and welcome the participation of all learners who identify as girls. This includes trans girls because we recognize trans girls are girls. We also welcome the participation of gender-fluid, non-binary, and two-spirit learners.

Hackergal is a charitable organization dedicated to inspiring girls to explore opportunities in computer science. Collaborating with teachers across the country, Hackergal offers a supportive learning experience for both students and educators, providing the tools they need to learn how to code in preparation for Hackergal’s Hackathon.

Written by Daniella Almeida and Bianca Almeida

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