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We’re so excited that you’re here. Let’s show the world what you can create with code!

What resources and activities are available?

We get it, this is definitely not a time for one-size-fits-all, so we’re offering options! Check out the new and exciting ways to get involved from home. Whether it is learning through our webinar recordings or practicing to code your own game, we’re making the most of this time and achieve some serious #codegoals!

Explore Hackergal’s 3-Part Virtual Classroom Web Series!

Hackergal Day Lineup of Speakers!

Celebrate Hackergal Day!

Hackergal Day connected our community with inspirational keynotes, interviews, and a special #womenintech panel discussion. Together, we are creating a powerful movement to close the gender gap and share motivation through connection and collaboration!

Hackergal Day speaker, Alicia Brown

Alicia Brown

Canadian Olympian

Guadalupe Koen-Alonso

UX Designer & Strategist, CIBC

Hackergal Day speaker, Justine Chiu

Justine Chiu

Web Developer, Loblaw Digital

Hackergal Day speaker, Kim Ho

Kim Ho

Product Designer, Netflix

Hackergal Day speaker, Nadeem Nathoo

Nadeem Nathoo

Co-founder, TKS

Samantha Conley

Intermediate Teacher, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

Sarah Rebeiro

Acting Manager Secure Solutions Design and Development, Communications Security Establishment

Hackergal Day speaker, Gregory Burke

Greg Burke

Design and Technology Teacher, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

Tiffany Janzen

Software Developer, IBM

Wanda Boyer

Associate Software Engineer and Backend Developer, Kabam

Classroom Web Series

Hackergal Day webinar

Unleash Your Creative Confidence w/ Tech

Have you ever thought about your creative potential with technology? Interested in how today’s women in tech tapped into their own creativity and personal voice? Join the Hackergal team and our special guests to learn about the many possibilities of working in and with technology. Learn how your creativity can propel your journey with code!

Hackergal Day webinar

Let’s Talk About Distancing Together!

Connecting has never been such a hot topic! We are all being challenged to stay in touch and wondering when to unplug! Join the Hackergal team and our special guests to learn how we can achieve balance and make the most of our connections both online and offline.

Learn to code with our Interactive Coding Videos!

Hackergal’s interactive coding videos will help you to get started with text-based code using the Lynx coding platform! Follow along and stop/start whenever you want while coding your own story or game and applying new coding concepts to advance your projects.

Let's get social!

Join our Hackergal Community.

We’ll be sharing new announcements, upcoming events and workshops, and coding projects with our Hackergal Community online. Connect with us on social to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest and “in-the-know” updates!

Try out Hackergal's Tech-Tac-Toe Menu!

Hackergal’s virtual Tech-Tac-Toe Menu includes both coding activities and other tech tools (ie. how to create online surveys or creatively design online visuals). Our tech menu is designed to be tackled independently or virtually with a friend! You can challenge a friend to see who created a row first out of the nine options available.

Accept a #HackergalUnplugged Challenge!

Did you know you can learn about code without your devices?! Super cool! Each of our #HackergalUnplugged coding activities will teach YOU the basic concepts of coding without needing a screen. Unplug, get active, and try an activity at home!

Participate in a Virtual Hackergal Club!

Hackergal’s virtual coding clubs are in session for all our participating schools! Educators are invited to sign up for Hackergal Hub, our free online learning portal, full of supportive resources, announcements, and tools to teach your students how to code their own stories and games. With Hackergal’s support, create a custom club for your school and host lessons for students remotely via video conferencing. Hackergal offers 1:1 onboarding and training for teachers, as well as optional facilitation of live coding webinars for virtual clubs.

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