Hackergal Hub Frequently Asked Questions


What is Hackergal Hub?
Hackergal Hub is an online learning portal for EVERYTHING Hackergal, including coding curriculum, announcements, video tutorials, registration for events, and collaboration opportunities to connect with other organizations across Canada (at NO cost)! Hackergal Hub has both a learner and a facilitator dashboard to keep things customized and user-friendly. Lessons are self-paced and progress is tracked along the way to empower learners to have ownership over their coding journey!
Why do I need Hackergal Hub?

Hackergal Hub will now serve as the portal for all learning materials. In order to access the lessons, facilitators and learners must first sign up for a Hackergal Hub account at https://hub.hackergal.org. Once accounts have been created, facilitators and learners will be able to access everything they need to get started.

What features does Hackergal Hub have?

We created Hackergal Hub to allow our community to log into a single portal. Below is a list of features for both facilitators and learners:


  • Access Hackergal resources, including a facilitator guide, coding lessons, and embedded video tutorials.
  • Receive the latest information and announcements from Hackergal.
  • Create announcements that are only viewable by other members of their organization.
  • Discussion board that allows you to connect with other organizations across Canada and the Hackergal team.
  • Allows supporting facilitators to easily sign up for Hackergal Hub through a unique organization code provided after sign up.


  • Access self-paced learner lessons, track progress, and interactive note-taking to support learning virtually and/or in-person.
  • Receive the latest information and announcements from Hackergal.
  • Receive customized announcements created by their club facilitators.

These are just some of the features of the Hub. Sign up at https://hub.hackergal.org to learn more!

Signing Up

How do I sign up for Hackergal Hub?

Facilitators can sign up for Hackergal Hub by visiting the link below:

Facilitator Hackergal Hub Sign Up

Please note – The first facilitator from your organization to sign up for Hackergal Hub will be required to fill in some basic information about your organization. This will create an organization profile in the Hub and generate a unique 5-digit organization code.

The 5-digit organization code will be used by subsequent facilitators that sign up to Hackergal Hub. They will be asked for it when completing the Facilitator Hackergal Hub Sign Up.

How do my learners sign up for Hackergal Hub?

Great news! Learners can create their own accounts and learn at their own pace! Once completing the sign-up form and receiving parent permission, learners can log in to Hackergal Hub using their username and password:

Learner Hackergal Hub Sign Up

Why does Hackergal require learner emails?

Student emails are kept confidential and only used as a unique identifiable marker in order to better understand and track our program’s impact. We do not send any promotional or marketing emails to students. All data is for internal use and will remain confidential and will only be shared at an aggregate level.

How do supporting facilitators sign up for Hackergal Hub?

Supporting Facilitators (any teachers, teacher-librarians, principals, etc.) who are facilitating the Hackergal Program will need to sign-up for their individual account on Hackergal Hub through the 5-digit organization code provided by the Champion Facilitator.

Using the 5-digit organization code, supporting facilitators can then create their own account by completing the Facilitator Hackergal Hub Sign Up. This will give them full access to resources, announcements, and discussions. The 5-digit organization code is always visible under “Organizations” on the Hub.

How do I sign up for a Hackergal Hackathon?

Hackergal is thrilled to be hosting live-streamed Hackergal Hackathons which are open to all learning environments. Our week-long virtual Hackathon creates the opportunity for all girls to be part of the Hackergal movement, supporting remote, in-school, and homeschooled girls. In order to register for upcoming Hackathons, all facilitators and learners are invited to sign up to Hackergal Hub at https://hub.hackergal.org!

Why does Hackergal collect demographic information when signing up?

Hackergal is committed to breaking barriers to STEM access for all girls and women. We recognize that gender is just one of an intersection of identities that can affect access to and participation in STEM education. An important part of our mission is to understand the different ways systemic barriers affect female-identifying students who might also identify as members of other equity-seeking groups. For this reason, we invite participants to optionally share these aspects of their identity. These data are missing from current research and will help us understand how to create programming that is available and accessible to all.

Self-identifying as a member of an equity-seeking or minoritized group is completely up to you. If you choose to share this information about yourself, it will never be shared outside of Hackergal. This information will only be reported at the aggregate/group level, and only used to improve our program offerings and/or to help educate the sector about where more attention, support, and action are needed. 

*Important: You may choose to withdraw your individual information at any time by sending us an email.

Where is the personal data stored?
At Hackergal, we are committed to protecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal information. We are proud to demonstrate our commitment to your privacy, by complying with the laws and regulations under applicable privacy laws in Canada. We will keep the Personal Information that we collect either at the Hackergal offices in Canada or at the offices of a service provider in the United States of America or in Canada. Read Hackergal

Hub’s full privacy policy here: https://hackergal.org/privacy/.


What is an Organization Code?

An organization code is a unique 5 digit code that will be generated when a facilitator’s Hackergal Hub account has been activated. This code will allow supporting educators from your organization to sign up for a Hackergal Hub account quickly and easily by entering the code during the signup process.

You can find your organization code anytime under the “organization” section on the left-hand sidebar when logged into Hackergal Hub.

Key Features


We are very excited to announce our latest addition to the Hackergal Hub! Our new ‘Learn’ section allows learners to answer the lesson questions, complete their Lynx training, and save their progress as they work through the lessons within the Hub.  Upon completion, lessons will be unlocked and learners can continue ahead. When a learner has completed the entire level, additional more advanced levels will be unlocked.

Facilitators have full access to all of the lesson and level material on their dashboards within the learn section. This allows for our facilitators to run through lessons ahead of time, get familiar with the expectations, as well as follow along with their learners as they participate


The resources section is accessible only to facilitators within the Hackergal Hub. Here you will find all materials provided by the Hackergal team to assist you in teaching your learners the Hackergal curriculum as well as many other fun and educational tools.

How do I create an announcement?

Announcements can be used by facilitators to send messages to everyone in your organization or individual clubs within your organization. Facilitators can send new announcements and view existing announcements by visiting the “Announcements” section of your dashboard. You will have the ability to set the name, the target audience, your message body, and also attach any files that may be relevant to your announcement.

Who can see my announcements?

Announcements provide a certain level of audience targeting. By default, if you do not change the organization or club dropdowns, all active facilitators and learners will receive your announcement. If you change the organization or club, then members of the specific organization or club inside of that organization will be the only recipients of the announcement.

Who can see discussions on Hackergal Hub?

The discussion section of Hackergal Hub is exclusively accessible to facilitators from across Canada and the Hackergal Team. They serve as an area for facilitators to interact with each other and ask any questions they may have to the Hackergal Team.

Have a question that’s not answered here?

Please email us at hello@hackergal.org with any questions you have.