Who runs the hackathon?

The educators are the heart of our hackathons. We encourage each school to appoint a Champion Educator to spearhead the hackathon. The Champion Educator will liaison with us for a few weeks leading up to the hackathon to make sure the day runs successfully! We provide educators with a Virtual Educator’s Kit created by the Hackergal team that includes all of the information you need to run the event including: lesson plans, curriculum, proposed event agenda, certificates, badges and training materials.


How long is the hackathon?

The hackathon typically runs over 6-7 hours, aligning with a regular school day. We provide a sample agenda, but encourage educators to use the breaks (recess, lunch, etc.) already set for your school as well as setting aside the specified time to join the live video call.


Beyond coding, what other skills will the girls learn?

The Hackergal Hackathon provides girls with the opportunity to build the 21st century skills that they need to be successful in a technology-driven landscape. Our program is designed to foster communication, critical thinking, problem solving and leadership skills for all learners to apply to their everyday lives and future opportunities. Most importantly, we want to champion girls on their pursuit of computer science and build their confidence!


How do we connect with other schools across the country?

Connecting our Hackergal community is one of the highlights of our hackathon! We bring together thousands of girls from West coast to East coast Canada virtually on a live video call. On the hackathon day, your school will be invited to join a Webex call to celebrate the nationwide #BECAUSEWECAN movement. The Hackergal team, our proud sponsors, school representatives from different provinces, and special guest speakers will all participate at the same time, on the same call.


What resources are required to host the hackathon?

We provide the coding platform and support materials for educators. The school provides the space (classrooms, libraries, and gyms work great!), computers required to run the hackathon, and enough educators as required by school regulations to monitor and facilitate the event. We suggest organising the girls in teams of 2-3 and having one computer to rotate coding amongst the team members.


What software requirements are required to run the hackathon?

Any web browser (ie. Chromebooks, iPads, Tablets, any laptop or computer connected to the internet.)


How many educators are needed for the hackathon?

We suggest schools follow the board average of a maximum 1 supervising educator per 25 students. However you are welcome to run the hackathon with more students per educator if you are confident you can! You can also invite volunteers from our community to help support the girls with their coding!


Where do the boys in my class go during the hackathon?

It is the school and Champion Educator’s responsibility to determine the most appropriate accommodations for male students. We’ve had schools take two classrooms and swap the girls for boys in one classroom, leaving one class with just girls and one with just boys for the day. Boys are encouraged to take this day to learn about computer science and the gender gap in the technology industry too. We have also created more resources to help you plan this out, just ask!


How are badges awarded?

Badges are optional. There are three badges that can be awarded to teams. The badges are awarded at the end of the hackathon based on the skills learned and number of years participated. The last badge has three categories and is awarded to the team that has the highest score based on the Hackergal scoring card in those categories. For more information, please see look in your Virtual Educator’s kit for a more detailed breakdown.